Our Programs

Family Visitation – A place where children in foster care can visit with family members in a welcoming, child-friendly atmosphere.

Interagency Case Management –  The coordination of services with other agencies ensuring the best use of resources for each client.

Emergency Assistance –  Special help for families in crisis, including transportation, medicine, gas vouchers, diapers, etc.  Individual counseling also provided in certain cases. 

Connect – A program designed to keep families stable and safe, to prevent child abuse and neglect, and to support families who may not be served by traditional community agencies.

“Kids Are Not Trash”- Distribution of duffel bags and luggage to children leaving their homes for placement in foster care or group homes. This eliminates the practice of carrying all their worldly possessions in a garbage bag.

The Nurturing Program –  An early intervention program aimed at stopping child abuse and neglect before it begins.  Parenting classes are also offered to assist families feel more confident and competent about managing day to day life.

Nurturing Parenting Support Group/Playgroup – A regular opportunity for moms to gather together, provide support for one another, and allow their children to socialize. This program is aimed at helping parents bond with their children and other families in the community.

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